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Sara Pinsonneault

I am Sara Pinsonneault AKA Sara Pina Colada AKA Lucy Bean.  I have been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years and I love teaching and personal training.  There is nothing better than seeing relationships form and progress made.  People are stronger than they give themselves credit for.  My motto is stronger than yesterday but not quite as strong as tomorrow. I work full-time at DCE Senior High School and also work part-time at Patriot Auto Repair.  My husband is Jim and we have a crazy cat named Penzey that we adore.  When I am not working you will find me working out, cooking, baking and walking Penzey in a stroller (yes, I am that cat mom).  Fun facts, my best friend and cousin is Kerrin Beyersdorff who you may know from Wednesday night BodyPump and I have never had coffee.  I cannot wait to see you in my's always a party!