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Birthday Parties

Looking for the ultimate birthday bash? Look no further than Greenheck Turner Community Center! Our party options come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick the perfect option for your guest list and activity. Whether you're bouncing around or skating fast we'll make sure you have a blast! Our parties rock for up to a dozen kiddos, but if you're feeling extra wild, we can talk details with our party coordinator (who'll confirm everything with a quick email and a $100 deposit). 

The reservation form is located on this page below along with most common questions and answers. 

Excellent Birthday Party Options for your child

Available Party Option Times/Dates

February 2024
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jan 28
Mon, Jan 29
Tue, Jan 30
Wed, Jan 31
Thu, Feb 1
Fri, Feb 2
Sat, Feb 3
Sun, Feb 4
Mon, Feb 5
Tue, Feb 6
Wed, Feb 7
Thu, Feb 8
Fri, Feb 9
Sat, Feb 10
Sun, Feb 11
Mon, Feb 12
Tue, Feb 13
Wed, Feb 14
Thu, Feb 15
Fri, Feb 16
Sat, Feb 17
Sun, Feb 18
Mon, Feb 19
Tue, Feb 20
Wed, Feb 21
Thu, Feb 22
Fri, Feb 23
Sat, Feb 24
Sun, Feb 25
Mon, Feb 26
Tue, Feb 27
Wed, Feb 28
Thu, Feb 29
Fri, Mar 1
Sat, Mar 2

Calendar & Category Legend:

  • Booked GTCC Birthday Party Options
    • Available BH #1
    • Available BH #2
    • Available Turf #3
    • Available Sport Simulator #4
    • Available Climbing #5
    • Available Private Ice #6
    • Available Public Skate #7
Please complete the following form for your reservation. Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss details and secure a date. Parties are first come first serve and the calendar online is updated in real time. Parties are usually confirmed within 48 hours and secured with a $100 deposit.  At this time, the available time slots are booked out two months in advance.  If you have any specific questions that are not answered on this page please contact us or email 


Parent or Guardian's Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
He/She so we refer to your child correctly More and more children's names are universal. (Max, Jordan, Alex, Rowan, Jamie, Riley)
More and more children's names are universal. (Max, Jordan, Alex, Rowan, Jamie, Riley)
This is very important so we can plan tables, chairs and a party room that will accommodate you.
Each party option is based on 12 children. Add $7 for each additional child. required
Which Party Package Option are you inquiring about? Please select up to 1 choice
Please select up to 1 choice
Options are available on the website and pre-determined time slots. Please pick one option.
This is very important so we can plan tables, chairs and a party room that will accommodate you.
Add on options include:
The party option includes a meal for 12 children. Please choose one. Please select up to 1 choice
Please select up to 1 choice
The party option includes three (3) pitchers of soda. Please select up to 3 choices
Please select up to 3 choices
Each party meal option is based on 12 children. Add $4 per extra child.

Most common Q & A

Q. How many people can we have at the party? 

A. Your party can be customized to fit your needs.  A typical children's party is 12 children. With rearranging and adding tables, the room can seat up to 24 people comfortably, with a maximum of 30 people. If you think your party will exceed 30 people, we can provide other options to accommodate your group size.

Q. How long do we have in the party room? 
A.  Your party is one hour with an activity, such as bounce house in the gym or rock climbing and one hour in a party room. 

Q. Can we bring in food for the party? 
A. You can bring in a cake from a licensed bakery. 

Q. Do you offer parties every night of the week and weekends? 
A. Look at the calendar above.  These are the times we have booked and available. We do reserve parties most nights, with the weekends being most popular.  

Q. Do you rent out your bounce houses for a private party at my house? 
A. No. We do not.  Our bounce houses are only available for rent in the Greenheck Turner Community Center space. Our bounce houses are only available with a birthday party package at Greenheck Turner Community Center.  You cannot use/rent a bounce house when you rent a gym. 

Q. Can we bring in water? 
A. We do provide a souveiner water bottle for each birthday party attendee as a gift for your guests.  

Q. Do you have food options for us and our party guests? 
A. We do.  Our party packages include food, and we have choices for you.  

Q. How will our guests know where to go for the party once they enter the lobby?
A. Your birthday party attendant will have a dry erase board located just inside the main lobby entrance which will direct your guests to either the activity area or designated party room. There are additional signs where needed to get your guests to the right place.

Q. When can I come to setup?
A. When your party is confirmed the designated room is reserved 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the party and then another 15 minutes after the party ends to take down.

Q. Can I bring in my own food and beverages or purchase from another restaurant?
A. You may bring in a birthday cake or cupcakes from a licensed bakery. If your cake requires refrigeration or to be kept frozen let us know when you arrive and we’ll store it. No homemade food items can be brought in. *If you need to take it home to prepare it in anyway then it’s considered homemade.  You may not bring in food from another restaurant. 


Q. Do I need to bring in my own plates, cup etc?
A. We provide non-themed, disposable plates, napkins, forks and cups according to your final counts.

Q. Does the designated party room have decorations or tablecloths?
A. You are welcome to decorate the room as you wish, if you choose to hang decorations use only scotch tape on metal or wood surfaces only. Please let your coordinator know if you plan to hang from the ceiling (especially a piñata) so we can provide assistance and a ladder.

Q. Can I order extra food for adults?
A. Yes, we can make additional food for adults. At the time of providing your final counts, consult with your birthday party coordinator to discuss the amount of additional food for those adults.  It’s important to know that the Meal & Beverage Option is based on kids eating and is portioned for kids.

Q. When are my final counts due?
A. The birthday party coordinator will reach out at least 2 days before the party to see how the birthday plans are coming along. That conversation will also review times, food and beverage choices, firm up final counts of kids and adults attending, firm up any other details and let you know who your party attendant will be.

Q. What if my counts change last minute or I have additional needs?
A. We understand that RSVP’s can change last minute or things get missed. We are prepared to accommodate those changes when possible. Communicate with your party attendant as soon as you arrive, additional charges may apply.