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Birthday Parties

Put your mind at ease with a party at the Greenheck Turner Community Center to celebrate one year older! Time is precious and we know you want to spend as much of it with your friends and family as you can. You won’t have to exhaust yourself with extra set up, cooking, cleaning or keeping everyone entertained.

When you choose a party package at our facility you get to join the celebration and soak in all those precious memories.

Every Birthday Party Includes:

Use of a meeting/party room 

1 hour of Activity- Party Package Option

Souvenir gift for each child

Birthday Party Attendant

Start your planning by reviewing the birthday party options, then
contact Jessica, our in-house birthday party coordinator, to schedule your party.
Email Jessica at 

Please complete the following form, as an inquiry for your party.  What dates or times are you interested in?  What type of party?  (skate...bounce house...gym...climbing.....). Jessica will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss details and secure a date.  Thank you for taking the time to inquire about parties here.  Parties are usually confirmed and booked no more than two months out. 


Parent or Guardian's Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Which Party Package Option are you inquiring about?
Bounce House Add Ons (gym party must be reserved + bounce house)
Meal & Beverage Packages are optional and an added fee. $40 for 12 children. $4 for each additional child. Please select up to 1 choice
Please select up to 1 choice

Click here to download a pdf invitation to send to your friend
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